Mentally Friendly x Coder Academy: The Perks of Interning at the Digital Product Studio



23 Jan 2017


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Coder Academy and Mentally Friendly have had a long relationship, beginning just as our Bootcamp launched. Jim Wild, Mentally Friendly’s Technology Director, has long been a supporter of the bootcamp model. He believes that bootcamps bring in people with a diversity of experience and skills, and help contribution to creating ‘happy teams’ once they enter the workforce as Junior Developers.


Mentally Friendly, which began 13 years ago, is a digital product studio. For the last few years, Mentally Friendly’s ethos has resolved around a company culture of creating ‘happy teams’. Jim Wild believes that staff autonomy and responsibility help to create this, and so all work is done in alignment with and according to those principles.

Mentally Friendly concentrates heavily on skills and career growth for all of their staff members. They want their employees to grow with the company. Their aim is ‘to find the best design thinkers, and empower them to learn, grow, and solve problems, together’. With this in mind, they focus on formal training, skill sharing, learning by teaching, giving people a variety of work, and of course, providing enough room to grow. They work using the most relevant services and the most relevant tools, making them both language and platform agnostic. There is no room at Mentally Friendly for a slouch.


Recently, a virtuous cycle has begun. An intern from the first Coder Academy bootcamp intake, Justin Davidson, is now a Full Stack Developer at Mentally Friendly. For the following batch of interns, Jim Wild decided to take on William Dunlop and Winnie Street. Similar to Justin, Will and Winnie are skilled in areas of tech outside of pure code. Will is into 3D modelling and Winnie loves her VR. This diversity of skills enhances the perspectives brought to Mentally Friendly, and in turn, contribute to creating more effective teams.

Coder Academy interns placed at Mentally Friendly work on real projects and are strongly integrated with the team, making it a great place for our junior developers to further hone their skills.

Want another reason why it’s awesome for our interns? Mentally Friendly is no code sweatshop. Developers at MF don’t dive straight into code as soon as the first brief is given. Instead a multi-functional team does workshops with clients to work out exactly what to tackle first. Mentally Friendly has a big focus on workshopping before the first line of code is written.

Huge thanks to Mentally Friendly and all of its team members for being such a wonderful company to work with. Our bootcamp students always have a wonderful time, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for MF x CA!




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