Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Into Data Science



18 Apr 2019


coding starters


5 minute read

  1. R2-D2 could be real!

Does this really need an explanation? 


  1. You want to know what the buzzwords, A.I., ML, and Data Science really mean.


  1. You like to question why things happen, and you’re tired of most of your information on the world coming from your weird uncle. But if 100 people had the same opinions as your weird uncle without much variability, you’d probably believe him.


  1. And then you start to question who these 100 people who believe the same things as your weird uncle? Do they really reflect the way the world works? And then you get 1,000,000 peoples’ opinions, and ask a computer to find out the way the world works for you.


  1. Once you find that out, you realise there are just 101 really weird people in the world (100 + your uncle), and you start to peel back and find out what features make your uncle and these 101 people really weird.


  1. You then find out how changing these features slightly could make your uncle a lot more or less weird. You tell your uncle how he could be less weird. That doesn’t work well, so you decide it’s probably just better to ignore your uncle’s opinions.


  1. Aside from your uncle, you realise that there’s a lot of other things that data science is changing in the world - from voice to text translators, to chat bots, character recognition and self-driving cars - and you want to get into an industry to build these really cool things.


  1. In addition, there are machines that are awesome, but sometimes scary, and they are taking jobs away from people. You want to make sure you and your group of friends are not the people who are being displaced by this technology, but are the one’s controlling the technology.


  1. You also want to make sure this technology is ethical, and you want good people - like yourself - to be able to communicate the bias in the technology you build to others, so that it is used responsibly.


  1. You should stop reading this list, join a course (or two!) and find out for yourself!

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