Even Telstra Executives Need a Lesson in Coding…



1 Feb 2016


6 minute read

After a successful enterprise workshop at Telstra’s Sydney HQ a few months ago, some members of the Coder Factory Academy team embarked on a journey to visit Telstra in Melbourne. 'For what,' you ask? A coding workshop, of course!

One of our greatest efforts here at Coder Factory is to prove that anyone of all ages and abilities has the potential to become a prolific coder, programmer, or developer. Coding is not just for nerds or techies anymore! Through our courses, anyone can acquire the knowledge and skillsets necessary to pursue a promising career in the rapidly growing technology sector.

Universities aren’t churning out Computer Science graduates fast enough to meet the ever-increasing demand across all Australian industries. Even companies like Telstra cannot employ fast enough to meet the necessity created by our digital economy. That’s where our six month intensive coding course – which includes a one-month guaranteed internship and nationally recognised Diploma of Software Development – comes to the rescue.

To bridge this supply-demand gap, we help employees within large corporations and start-ups upskill in our enterprise and corporate training workshops. We fully acknowledge how busy these corporates and entrepreneurs get, which is why we happily pay a visit to their workplace to run an engaging, informative, and inspiring coding workshop. In January, we made the trek to Melbourne from our Sydney HQ to do exactly that.

coding for corporates workshop

Here’s what some of Melbourne’s Telstra executives enjoyed most about our workshop:

  • “I was amazed by how simple it was.”
  • “I loved gaining an insight into the world of programming, coding, and the liked. I’m interested to find out more!”
  • “The actual coding was the most beneficial. I enjoyed getting hands-on experience and being able to create something that we can actually use.”
  • “Learning about Ruby on Rails and how much it simplifies coding. I always liked hearing from the guest speaker about the difference in start-up cultures between America and Australia.”
  • “I found it interesting to obtain a different perspective on coding and a better understanding of what our IT teams and partners do.”
  • “I was amazed by how easy it can be to code and create apps when you know the language!”

When asked whether they would recommend our coding workshop to a colleague, an overwhelming majority of execs responded with a roaring ‘Yes!’ These are just a few of the reasons they wanted their colleagues to get involved:

“I would (and have!) recommended the workshop to colleagues, as it brings us closer to the technology we are building in Telstra, including Telstra Health,” said one participant. “This type of education is necessary if we are going to become a world class technology company. Since the course, I have pitched two technology ideas to my Group Executive.”

“It was easy and exciting,” said another. “I think all staff should do it at Telstra!”

“I have already recommended your coding workshop to a colleague, so I think the session has motivated me to find out more,” another chimed in.

coding for corporates workshop

“I think even a basic understanding of code will enable a better understanding of the possibilities within a business context,” said another participant.

“I think the coding workshops are empowering for a ‘layman’ to be able to create a webpage,” another Telstra executive exclaimed. “We all have great ideas, but often are not aware of the availably tools to see them transpire from an idea into reality.”

“It was a nice refresher on the current programming landscape for past programmers,” said someone with prior experience, which is not a prerequisite to workshop attendance.

“Given the amount of possibility the future beholds in regards to programming, IT, and more, the coding lesson provided a great introduction for those whom are not well-versed,” another remarked.

“I would definitely recommend the workshop for people who have never done coding before to get an appreciation of it,” commented someone else.

“It’s good to have an understanding of how coding works in applications,” concluded one of the executives. “It also gives people a greater appreciation and understanding of what it takes to code and build apps.”

Sound like an opportunity your company and employees might be keen to explore? We’re always looking to help companies across all sectors realise their potential in the digital and technology realms. Who knows… With a little coding practice, your company could become the next Telstra.

telstra learns to code

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