Join Coder Academy for fun and engaging days full of coding, robotics, electronics, Virtual Reality and more! Explore the latest digitech toys while learning essential 21st Century skills.


Monday 24th September - Code Your World 1.0: Unlock a digital world full of possibilities with code! Learn the languages of the web - Javascript, HTML and CSS - and create an interactive webpage on a topic of your choice. This workshop is perfect for beginner coders. Ages 10-18.

Tuesday 25th September - Create 3D Assets for VR: Create a virtual world and immerse yourself in it! Use Maya, an industry-leading software, to create 3D interactive experiences. Develop your own 3D assets to be placed inside a VR (virtual reality) game! Ages 10-18.

Sold Out  Wednesday 26th September - Animation: Do you love all things animation? Discover both traditional and modern animation styles in this workshop with Adobe Animate - learn character design, create your a flipbook and play with motion cycles! You'll also have the opportunity to learn how to use a Wacom tablet. Ages 10-18.

Thursday 27th September - App Development: Using the programming language Android, you will develop your very own mobile app! You will learn how to design the app, create multiple screens and customising it with your chosen theme and images to make it dynamic and engaging.By the end of the day, you will walk away with your very own app for an Android device! Ages 12-18.

Monday 1st October - Immersive Robotics: Inspire yourself with the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Create, construct and code - bring Alpha One, Cozmo and Sphero robots to life using basic programming skills! Ages 8-12.

Sold Out Tuesday 2nd October - Game Development & Character Design: Jump onto Unity, the ultimate game development platform, and code your own game! Create sprites in Piskel, an online editor for pixel art, at the beginning of the workshop and deploy the character into your game. Ages 10-18.

Wednesday 3rd October - Create VFX in Film: Let your imagination run free! Direct and produce your very own short film. Take it to the next level with VFX (visual effects) that you'll be designing in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Effects. Ages 10-18.

Thursday 4th October - Code Your World 2.0: Elevate your digital knowledge! Make a webpage with Javascript with interactive menus, quizzes, chatbots and even create a moving graphic with physics! Ages 12-18.

Friday 5th October - Create a 3D Platformer: Using pre-built assets, create a 3D platformer in Unreal Engine 4, the same game development engine used to make the latest hit - Fortnite! Ages 10-18.

Please note...

Participants will be grouped according to primary/secondary school age and supported at all times.
* 6 -11 yr olds will be grouped together
*12-16 yr olds will be grouped together
* 6 - 10yr's old: Receive a ratio of support 1:7 with additional Coder Academy Youth Intern 1:1 assistance provided where necessary 
* VIT Registered teacher with First Aid qualifications on site at all times to support participants
* All programs are fully aligned to the Australian Design and Technologies curriculum which gives your child a fantastic 'head start!'

While the daily program outline will be delivered, your child may also be offered the opportunity to learn with additional digital technology resources if they are  expressing interest on the day of attendance.  All participants will be able to enjoy immersive VR during breaks, craft and circuits as mini activities & take 'time out' in our comfy bean bag corner too! 

Youth Internships

If your child is a returning participant and has turned 14, they may be invited to participate in our youth intern program induction in July. 
Email [email protected] for more information. This is a fantastic opportunity for returning participants to experience a pathway toward a career in the digitech space. Former participants have attended events at Amazon, Accenture & IBM. 


Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to students who are racing ahead, while supporting those who need more time to practise their skills. We aim to help students better understand the technological tools they have at their disposal, and how they can create rather than simply consume. Students are encouraged to adopt an experimental mindset, and think ‘What if?’  We believe that people with unique interests learn to code for different reasons, and there are many ways to engage kids with technology in a way they find exciting and encouraging.


Absolutely none!

Skill level

- Beginner or intermediate
- Ages outlined in workshop descriptions
- Participants will be grouped according to age.


What to bring?

Just bring a packed lunch! Be ready to have fun and learn at the same time! 

Adult programs?

Please head to our short courses page!




Create a 3D Platformer

05 Oct 2018

09:00 AM - 04:00 PM


Level 13, 120 Spencer Street,

Melbourne, VIC 3000

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