Come and join us for fun and engaging days full of coding, electronics, Virtual Reality, robotics and more!


Monday 14th January - Coding = Creating - Ages 10 - 18 years
Learn to speak the language of the web! Get to know the fundamentals of Javascript programming, HTML and CSS in this interactive workshop. Throughout the day you will learn how to apply your new coding skills to create your very own webpage from scratch.

Tuesday 15th January - 
2D Game Development - Ages 10 - 18 years
Create your own virtual world using Piskel and Chiptone. Throughout this workshop you’ll have the opportunity to create 2D pixel art assets and soundscapes for your very own interactive game. You will learn the fundamentals behind 2D animation techniques and finish the day by bringing all of your creations to their own virtual life.

Thursday 17th January - 
Wearable Tech 🦄 - Ages 8 - 12 years
Why should superheroes have all the fun? Join us and learn all about wearable technology in an immersive class where gloves become power gloves and headbands become rainbow unicorn horns. Unleash your creativity as we teach you how to bring your creations to life by using lights, sensors and coding in a workshop where anything is possible.

Friday 18th January - 
Animation Nation - Ages 10 - 18 years   SOLD OUT!
Take a journey through the dazzling world of animation as you learn how to design your own characters, create motion cycles and play with your new virtual creation. Join us to discover both traditional and modern animation styles whilst simultaneously learning the magic that goes on behind the screens.

Monday 21st January - 
Web Application Design - Ages 12 - 18 years
Ever wanted to create your own web app? Join us in this hands-on workshop to learn the coding wonder that is JavaScript. Learn all the JavaScript techniques, tips and tricks that you’ll need to make your dream into a reality and create your very own basic web application.

Tuesday 22nd January - 2D Game Programming - Ages 10 - 18 years

Become a Game Developer for the day! Join us to learn the ropes of Unity and discover the fundamentals of games programming. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll be able to go through the process of coding the basics of a game platform. Build a 2D game from scratch, input existing art assets, or even choose to add in your very own creations if you were part of our first week of 2D Gaming workshops!

Thursday 24th January - 
I 💜 Robots! - Ages 8 - 12 years
Who said humans and robots can’t be friends? Join us to create, construct, and code robotics and bring them to life. Make them dance, solve puzzles, and even teach them how to recognise you in a crowded room! This hands-on workshop will help you learn basic programming skills, all things surrounding artificial intelligence, and give you the opportunity to discover design thinking.

SOLD OUT Friday 25th January -  3D Game Development - 10 - 18 years
Are you ready to jump into 3D? Join us in this interactive workshop to create your very own 3D platforming game with the Unreal Engine used to create Fortnite. Dive head first into learning the fundamentals of coding and bring your creativity to life.

Our Instructors

Our expert trainers balance impressive technical ability with excellent communication skills. They are computer scientists, engineers, and industrial designers with prior teaching experience. All of our trainers have Working With Children checks, and a passion for inspiring young people to embrace STEM skills.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to students who are racing ahead, while supporting those who need more time to practise their skills. We aim to help students better understand the technological tools they have at their disposal, and how they can create rather than simply consume. Students are encouraged to adopt an experimental mindset, and think ‘What if?’ without giving into a fear of breaking something. We believe that people with unique interests learn to code for different reasons, and there are many ways to engage kids with tech in a way they find exciting and encouraging.


Absolutely none!

Skill level

Beginner / Intermediate


What to bring?

Just bring a packed lunch! Be ready to learn.

Adult programs?
Please head to our short courses page.

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