Join us in Sydney this Summer School Holidays to explore, tinker, and create technology to solve some of the world's most pressing issues around climate change, sustainability, and more.


Conservation is very much a hot topic right now and is engaging young minds like never before. The question becomes, how can we use technology to help solve the problems of the world today and tomorrow? Sustainable computing is a rapidly growing research area using computer science and data analysis to find solutions for some of the world’s most urgent environmental and social problems. This is the theme for the next holiday break.


Day 1 - Sustainable Web Design - Wednesday, 8th January

Focus: Coding Simple Web Pages
Ages: 10+
Description: There are a range of different things we can do to ensure web app design is as sustainable as possible. Learn how to design websites using HTML, CSS, and a bit of Javascript that minimise load times and reduce wasted energy.
BYOD? Yes, please bring a laptop!

Day 2 - Drive Sustainability via Gamification - Thursday, 9th January

Focus: 3D Design (Unity Development and AR)

Ages: 12+

Description: Use the industry standard game development platform, Unity, to create a game that promotes and gamifies sustainability. Then, take your skills to the next level by bringing the game into Augmented Reality.

BYOD? No! We have everything you need.

Day 3 - Create A Natural Disaster Detection System - Friday, 10th January

Focus: Programming Hardware

Ages: 10+

Description: Climate change is altering weather patterns and increasing the temperatures of our oceans. Create your own natural disaster detection system using hardware like Microbit and Adafruit Circuit Playground to build a system that detects detect earthquakes, storms, fires/extreme heat, and floods.

BYOD? No! We have everything you need.

Our Instructors

Our expert trainers balance impressive technical ability with excellent communication skills. They are computer scientists, engineers, and industrial designers with prior teaching experience. All of our trainers have Working With Children checks, and a passion for inspiring young people to embrace STEM skills.


Student to teacher ratio



Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to students who are racing ahead, while supporting those who need more time to practise their skills. We aim to help students better understand the technological tools they have at their disposal, and how they can create rather than simply consume. Students are encouraged to adopt an experimental mindset, and think ‘What if?’ without giving into a fear of breaking something. We believe that people with unique interests learn to code for different reasons, and there are many ways to engage kids with tech in a way they find exciting and encouraging.



Absolutely none!


Skill level

Beginner or intermediate

What else should I bring?

Just bring a packed lunch and a water bottle. Morning & afternoon tea will be provided. Be ready to learn.




Sustainable Web Design

08 Jan 2020

09:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Sustainable 3D Game Design

09 Jan 2020

09:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Coding Hardware

10 Jan 2020

09:00 AM - 04:00 PM


Level 3, 118 Walker Street

North Sydney, NSW 2060

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