This all-inclusive Virtual Reality incursion offers a valuable experience for teachers to upskill and create effective, sustainable VR programs in your school. Our team will provide an interactive teacher PD ‘VR for Learning’ session with links to online resources, including lesson plans aligned with the Australian Curriculum.


Teacher outcomes: Training for teachers in how to use equipment and drive future learning including the development of lesson plans

Student outcomes: Solid introduction to VR and techniques for developing skills independently

Time needed: 1-2 days

If your school is keen to create this as a sustainable program then we can set up, run the incursion AND train your staff/students so they can benefit from it in the future. Coder Factory Academy will train your staff how to run the Vive, how to use Visible Thinking skills to drive student learning during VR sessions and help them develop world-class lesson plans aligned to the Australian Curriculum. This package includes  a 12-month VIVEPORT membership (currently $7 per month to access 5 programs per month)  and wraparound support for the first 2 weeks to iron out any technical queries.

To book your class in for this course please contact us.


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