Our knowledgeable team will assist teachers in incorporating unique VR experiences into their current units by modelling the Virtual Reality learning experience within their own classrooms (25 students max.).


Teacher outcomes: moderate understanding - observation of Coder Factory team and introduction to set up and discovering new applications

Student outcomes: Solid introduction to VR and techniques for developing skills independently

Time needed: 3-4 hours + 2 hours pre and post work

This experience delivers the appetizer and the main course! It will include Vive set up and a learning experience for 25 students. We will also liaise with your teachers to organise pre work for students and help construct a unit assessment based on the experiences. We can also look at ways of including a level of interactivity and having students design elements in the real world that can then be experienced in the Virtual World. It will also include a 45 minute debrief with teachers as a PD opportunity at the end of the student session.

To book your class in for this course please contact us.


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