Learning to code has become anyone's game. Dive into the fundamentals of programming with Ruby on Rails. Learn about how HTML and CSS work together to create appealing web pages.


You'll be introduced to Bootstrap and Ruby gems, and discover how open source can make your websites more awesome. Learn the five fundamentals of computer programming, how to setup your 'development environment', and understand the processes of app and database design. Finally, build your first Ruby on Rails app, which you’ll be able to expand upon at your leisure.




This is a weekend workshop that runs on either Saturday & Sunday (Sydney & Melbourne campuses) or two Saturdays (Melbourne campus) from 10am-4pm.




This course requires no prior knowledge.




Please come to the workshop with a laptop and notebook/pen. You’ll want to take notes while leaving your laptop completely free for code. Apple, Microsoft or Linux laptops are suitable for this course.


What you’ll learn


HTML: How to designate your web page elements

CSS: How to format your content

Bootstrap: How to get your CSS basics complete quickly

Object Oriented Programming: The underlying rules that govern coding

CMS (database) design: Make your website easy to edit without coding

APIs: How to make your website interact with other websites

Cookies: How to save relevant information about your website’s users

Deployment: How to make your website appear on the internet

There are currently no intakes available, please check back later.



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