What really is Artificial Intelligence? How do machines make decisions for us, and can they be trusted? Are we really living in an AI age?


Machine Learning is the science that fuels AI: it provides computers with a way to learn patterns from data without being explicitly programmed. The pace in which computers are learning these patterns is exceeding expectations by the minute, meaning that understanding how these areas of technology work within Data Science and programming has become crucial to our everyday lives.
Get a taste of this exciting area of tech, as well as the broader world of data science with our new Machine Learning Coder Academy short course!
Our Leap Into Machine Learning short course is a great first step towards upskilling and getting to know a field that is disrupting industries worldwide. The short course will also give you a taste of life as a data scientist in an engaging, friendly, and hands-on environment while getting you to code using the in-demand Python programming language.
There really is no better time than now to explore the world of Data Science. What are you waiting for?
Limited spots available.
This course runs from 6.00-8.00pm over six Wednesday evenings. Please see dates below.
  • May 1st
  • May 15th
  • May 22nd
  • May 29th
  • June 19th
  • June 26th
This course requires at least basic knowledge of Python programming.
New to Python but interested in signing up to the course? Email us at [email protected]
What You’ll Need
Please bring your own laptop, notebook and pens. You’ll want to take notes while leaving your laptop completely free for code. Apple, Microsoft or Linux laptops are fine for this course.
What’s in it for you?
  • Hands-on learning with Coder Academy’s teaching team: a combination of industry professionals and educators looking to give you the best learning experience possible.
  • You’ll learn about how AI is disrupting the workplace, and how to analyse algorithms to see if they are trustworthy.
  • You’ll work with Python: a programming language used in a variety of industries, including data science, scientific computing, web development, cyber security and much, much more.
This course is for...
  • Curious people, who are interested in learning about cool, innovative technologies.
  • Those who want to learn what all the hype about data science, machine learning, and AI is about.
  • Those who have programmed in a different languages and want to learn to speak Python.


Start Date

End Date

Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Level 3, 118 Walker Street

North Sydney, NSW 2060

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