SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAMS (AGES 9+ / 12+) - $70 + GST per Workshop

A week full of coding, creating, smashing, designing and gaming. A variety of STEAM based activities will be running each day to suit a wide range of interests, you can pick and choose 2 activities per day. You will spend 3 hours per activity with breaks in between where you can explore our campus, ask questions, complete the scavenger hunt for prizes or chill out in the donut beanbags. Discounts for booking more than one day!


Coding Wearable Tech Code bugs are a mini wearable computer and physical computing is all about making computers interact with the real world. In this activity participants will create a wearable device that tracks the temperature of the environment they are in and can display the value using the onboard LED’s - Perfect for that summer heat!

Intro to A.I: Code with Cozmo Cozmo is an Artificially Intelligent robot controlled by code which even the newest newbie can grasp. This little guy can pick up blocks and avoid obstacles all based on input from the user. Participants will learn Python - a high level programing language to set tasks and compete with one another to provoke their computational thinking.

Intro to Javascript: Code with Sphero A robotic ball incorporated into a gaming device that you control through code. For beginners Block Coding is available and for those who have been hacking since before they can walk it is a great first step into Javascript. Challenges we set for participants include Sphero bowling, chariot races and pool dives.

3D Game Development A cross-platform game engine which is primarily used to develop video games and simulations for computers, consoles and mobile devices. Participants will develop a basic 3D game which they will take home and can continue developing over the holidays. They can also join in during the 3D Modelling session and learn how to incorporate their design into the game.... Don't forget a USB!

Girl Power! Animating with HTML/CSS Fewer than 25% of IT positions are held by women, we believe this is partly due to a lack of engagement with girls from a young age. In this session participants will create a flashy, interactive Christmas/Holiday animation using HTML & CSS. We tailor the design process to suit girls learning styles and encourage collaboration and creative freedom.... Don't forget a USB!
Autonomous Environment/Life Design Are easy-to-use electronic building blocks that empowers young minds to invent anything. The Bits snap together with magnets, no soldering, no wiring, no programming needed which allows children as young as 8 to be involved. During this session participants will be given the tools and knowledge to solve problems they have in their day to day lives.
Build your own e-Toy/Design your own e-Jewellery Incorporating electronics into previously dormant fields has revolutionised traditional STUFF by allowing communication, freedom to transform, conduct energy and even grow. Participants will embed digital components such as LED’s, Buzzers and batteries to produce either a Christmas tree ornament, broach or soft toy.
3D Prototyping Is the process of creating a 3-dimensional representation of any surface or object. 3D modelling is used in a wide range of fields, including engineering, entertainment, film, visual effects, game development, and design. In this session participants will create a 3D model which they will have the opportunity to have 3D Printed or they can use in Unity.... Don't forget a USB!
My First App: TouchDevelop Is a new programming environment and language built around mobile devices. The way we interact with computers is changing rapidly, TouchDevelop is built around the idea of only using a touchscreen as the input device to write code. Using the sensors and location information found on all devices participants will write a simple program they can run on their phone.... Don't forget a USB!
Design a 360VR experience VR describes a computer generated 3D environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person. Participants will use the 360 degree camera to take video around campus and then use this video to create a rollercoaster simulation and incorporate this video directly into VR.... Don't forget a USB!
Automotive Design Learn how to build a robotic car using nothing more than a motor, battery and switch. Participants will make their car using upcycled materials and get to race their cars on the day. They will learn efficient design process, construct simple circuit set ups and will be encouraged to use their creativity to make a super-fast or flashy car.
Full Circle Product Development Circuit playground is a mini computer which features an ATmega32u4 processor (just like an Arduino board) and many built in sensors. In this activity participants will be provided with their own Circuit Playground along with upcycled materials to build a Kaleidoscope. They will also be taught a range of fun small projects they can create with their own Circuit Playground during the holidays.

Not all programs being run across both campuses, check drop down menu for your choice.
Please bring along packed lunch or money to purchase lunch in the surrounding outlets.
Snacks will be provided throughout the day.

21 Dec 2017




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