Get a taste of the wonders of Python programming in only a couple of hours. Imagine what you could accomplish in a lifetime...or a longer Coder Academy course!


Take your very first step towards upskilling, building an app, creating a startup, launching a website, or joining the tech industry.

There’s no better time than now to learn the basics of coding. What are you waiting for? Our “All About Python” coding workshop gives you a taste of life as a programmer in an engaging, friendly, and hands-on environment. 

First timers will be introduced to the basics of Python, while returning students will reinforce and practice the new skills they’ve picked up through unique challenges at each session.

Want to continue your learning? Our Python Intro course is the perfect gateway to deepening your knowledge with our industry Data Science Masterclasses featuring some of Australia's coolest companies such as THE ICONIC, Qantas & more!


This course runs from 6.00-8.00pm. Choose to come to one class for $10, or get an unlimited class pass between March -- April for only $40! Please note: Class passes are only recognised for Intro to Python courses. 

Note: Students attending March 27th session are required to have attended a week 1 course.

Limited spots available.


This course requires no prior knowledge.


Please come to the workshop with a laptop and notebook/pen. You’ll want to take notes while leaving your laptop completely free for code. Apple, Microsoft or Linux laptops are fine for this course.

What’s in it for you?

  • Hands-on learning with Coder Academy’s teaching team: a combination of industry professionals and educators looking to give you the best learning experience
  • You’ll learn about why programming matters, including what programming languages are, why we use them, and how they can help us innovate tasks within the workplace.
  • You’ll learn about Python: a programming language used in a variety of industries, including data science, scientific computing, web development, cyber security and more
  • We’ll teach basic object oriented programming concepts: the building blocks to building software applications
  • And the data manipulation in Python, so you can see how programming tools can pave the way towards data-driven insights

This course is for...

  • Curious people, who are interested in learning about cool, innovative technology
  • Those who have never programmed, and want a taste about what it’s like to get into programming
  • Those who have programmed in a different language, and want to know more about Python
  • Professionals who might not want to program themselves, but may work with technology professionals and want to learn more about tech concepts

There are currently no intakes available, please check back later.



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