Over 6 Saturdays 9:30 am - 2:30 pm you will build 1 x basic & 1 x advanced iOS app using Swift. If you have ever wanted to build an app that will rise to the top of the app store or drive your own business this is the course for you.


Swift is an open-source, general-purpose, multi-platform, compiled programming language. that has taken the best bits from the most popular languages and combined it in a modern, elegant & easy to master object-oriented language. It can compile and run on any Apple device as well as Linux machines.

Is this course for me?


This course is an introductory level Swift course. It is created in collaboration with Apple as a condensed version of their offical Swift training program. It is suited to - Students who are passionate about building IOS apps from zero to deployment | Entrepreneurs who are keen to understand and learn the architecture and process involved in building mobile apps | Teachers who are keen to ideate and build the app generation process in schools.


Why Swift?


  • Swift is considered a developer friendly, easy to learn programming language and also provides an overarching idea of how apps are developed and facilitates in learning complete process of designing, developing and debugging.

  • Swift is a language introduced by Apple based on objective C and most of the industries are adapting to Swift and growing to become future language.

  • It has many features, supporting developers to build apps quickly and processes very fast.


Learning Outcomes

  1. App design and UX design

  2. Swift programming language

  3. Learn IOS app architecture by building a single page mobile game

  4. Learn data transfer between multiple pages on the app by building a real time application.




The course will run over 6 Saturdays with a break after the first 3 weeks



  • Your own Macbook

  • Basic knowledge of coding

Where to next?

From here you can look at future careers as a junior developer, tester or support team member. You can also  deploy your app to the app store! Please note that Apple does charge a fee - all details can be found here

There are currently no intakes available, please check back later.



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