No coding experience? Learn the fundamentals of coding and find out more about what it's like to be a developer. Already a coder? Refresh your coding skills and recharge your coding career. Budding entrepreneur? Build your MVP in only 12 weeks…while keeping your day job.


The Web App Builder course is our part-time solution for entrepreneurs and coders wanting to upskill. Become a confident coder, capable of building any website using Ruby on Rails. As you learn, you’ll build a sample web application, and in the final month, have the opportunity to build your own web app from scratch with the assistance and guidance of our expert instructors.




This course requires no prior knowledge.




Please come to the workshop with a laptop and notebook/pen. You’ll want to take notes while leaving your laptop completely free for code. You’ll be fine with an Apple, Microsoft or Linux laptop for this course.

You may also want to download a more sophisticated text editor to make your coding experience a little smoother. If you’re not aware of any, Atom or Sublime Text should be a great start.


What you’ll learn


Getting started on Windows/Mac/(Linux)

Rails components: How a Rails app works

(My)SQL database design and development: How to collect and organise data

Object oriented programming: The underlying rules that govern coding

MVC: How applications are designed

Clean code: How to write modular and reusable software

Gems: How to use and create open source software

APIs: How to make your website interact with other websites

Git: How to tidily manage changes to your website

Deployment: How to load your website onto the web


Alumni include RefugeeTalent's Anna Robson, Assignar developer Simon Angell, and Small Change's Sam Henderson, who have used the tech skills learned in this course to start a journey of success as (social) entrepreneurs and developers.

*This course runs for 12 weeks on either two weekdays from 6pm-9pm or Saturdays from 10am-4pm. Please ensure you have booked your preferred class (weekdays or Saturdays) before confirming payment.


There are currently no intakes for Sydney.

There are currently no intakes for Melbourne.

There are currently no intakes for Brisbane.

There are currently no intakes for Coffs Harbour.

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