Our instructors may come from different backgrounds and countries. But, they all share one trait: expertise. Our educators have a deep passion for all things technology and coding, and bring a wealth of industry experience to the classroom. This works to ensure our students learn the most in-demand programming skills. In addition, our teaching approach is far more immersive, hands-on, and collaborative than the traditional university model. Your success is our educator's success, which is why they devote time outside of teaching hours to help you become the best Junior Web Developer you can be.



Trent Shields

Academic Director & Lead Teacher

Trent is a brilliant and driven professional who comes to us from Woolworth's Enterprise Architecture division. In addition to his enterprise change expertise, Trent is also a talented agnostic coder, meaning he's well-versed in many programming languages. He's also a proud and involved member of the Indigenous community.

Jamie Cerexhe

Lead Teacher

Jamie is a self-taught software developer who switched careers after finding a passion in coding. While maintaining a management role at the software development agency Dev Haus X, Jamie spends most of his time preparing students for professional development as Sydney’s Fast Track head teacher.

Peter Koch

Teaching Assistant

Peter has been on the cutting edge of software for the last 15 year. Well and truly a full stack developer, he's as equally skilled in assembly code and and JavaScript frameworks. He is well placed to make sure our students are prepped in the latest and greatest. Most recently he has worked in VR, as the CTO of Auggd and Founder of Avtars.


Patrick Smith

Lead Teacher

A former startup founder (if you're an adventure sports fan you've probably heard of InfinityList), Patrick has worked nearly every role there is in web development. He is a firm believer in the importance of learning the fundamentals of programming.

Ruegen Aschenbrenner

Teaching Assistant

Ruegen brings over 10 years of experience in IT management, web & graphic design, and programming to his role as TA. He has an electric enthusiasm for teaching, and is on a never-ending mission to learn a new skill each day.

John Shaw

Teaching Assistant

John has had quite the career. With 20 years of experience working in Software for sectors such as Banking, Telecomms, Airline, Energy, Retail, Defense and Goverment, he's written some serious code, and knows how to keep up with what's what in tech.