Want to learn how to make appealing, interactive web pages? There are a lot of web applications out there that can help you design basic websites. But, if you want to differentiate your website with a unique style, you need to know how to code in HTML and CSS.


Learn how to take a website through each of the development stages: from mockups and prototyping, to coding and deploying and hosting it on the web. You’ll have the opportunity to build your own web page from scratch with the assistance and guidance of our expert instructors.




This workshop runs on Saturday & Sunday from 10am-4pm.




This course requires no prior knowledge.




Please come to the workshop with a laptop and notebook/pen. You’ll want to take notes while leaving your laptop completely free for code. Apple, Microsoft or Linux laptops will work fine for this course.

What you’ll learn


How to set up a web design process
HTML: How to arrange your web page elements
CSS: How to make your content interactive
Wireframes: How to create a visual guide for the layout of your web pages
Prototyping: How to create proofs of concept
Deployment: Moving your website to the web

There are currently no intakes for Sydney.

There are currently no intakes for Melbourne.

There are currently no intakes for Brisbane.

There are currently no intakes for Coffs Harbour.

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