Entain and Coder Academy: Offering Pathways into Technology

23 February 2022Written by Emma Woodward
Discover the EnTrain Web Development Scholarship, a collaboration between Coder Academy and Entain Australia aimed at promoting inclusion and providing opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds in the tech industry. This scholarship covers tuition fees for the Diploma of IT, Web Development Accelerated Bootcamp in Brisbane, and offers mentorship, coaching, and a three-month internship with Entain Australia. Meet the scholarship winners and learn how this program is changing lives and fostering a more diverse and inclusive tech workforce.

Here at Coder Academy, we’re passionate about encouraging inclusion in the tech industry and introducing our students to industry networks. That’s why our partnership with Entain Australia makes so much sense.

Through Entain’s EnTrain Scholarship, students from diverse backgrounds receive support to study web development and commence their career in tech with the opportunity to intern with the gaming technology company.

This exciting opportunity covers all aspects of the journey to become a web developer – from enrolling as a student, right through to gaining all-important work experience.

The web development scholarship is available to students studying at our Brisbane campus. Students will receive a full scholarship, with fees covered by Entain for our Diploma of IT, Web Development Accelerated Bootcamp.

Students will receive mentorship and coaching from Entain senior technical experts throughout the duration of their studies, followed by a three-month internship and preferred entry into Entain Australia’s Graduate Program upon completion of the diploma.

Students are also equipped with a laptop and Entain intern pack, to ensure they have everything they need to pursue their studies.

Meet the EnTrain Web Development Scholarship Winners

The first two recipients of the EnTrain web development scholarship have recently begun their bootcamp, developing in-demand, industry-relevant skills.

“The Scholarship is a great opportunity for me to enter into the technology industry and will be a life-changing experience for me and my family,” says Leslie, who was awarded the scholarship after showing his commitment to, and passion for, a tech sector that is diverse and inclusive.

James is another student who is passionate about the opportunities that thoughtfully designed technology can afford.

“I hope the things I create can help others and make a positive impact on their lives and our society,” James says.

“It feels unreal for me, I still couldn’t believe that I have received this scholarship. It is a great honour to be selected by Entain and I am grateful for the Coder Academy team to help me achieve that.”

“To enrol in this course, I have had to resign from my previous employment, while my wife is working part-time at the moment.”

“When I first arrived in Australia, my family didn’t have a lot of money, and it was difficult to make ends meet. My mum worked hard and we saved where we could to survive in Australia. By enrolling in the Coder Academy Bootcamp, I hope to have a career change into IT and give my family a better life.”

Leslie is also ready to make the most of the opportunities that a new career in tech can provide – both personally and by giving back to society at large.

“I decided to stay in Brisbane to pursue a new life,” Leslie says.

“I have done varying jobs since I came to Brisbane including kitchen hand, mobile phone technician, and pop-up stall attendant. I am currently working as a personal carer for aged care (last two years) and still looking for an opportunity to pursue a professional career in the technology industry here in Australia given my keen interest in technology and coding. My financial situation has been a big barrier for me to pursue the appropriate technology-related qualifications.”

“More and more companies, not only tech companies, in Australia and around the world are increasing their focus on creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce. More diverse companies have been demonstrably shown to outperform less diverse companies… I believe that I will contribute to the tech industry which seeks to increase underrepresented people or groups. This scholarship will help realise my dream to be part of the tech industry.”

Partnering with Industry to Provide Pathways into Tech

We look forward to seeing what Leslie and James achieve, and to developing the partnership between Coder Academy and Entain to help even more students.

Coder Academy is committed to fostering close working relationships with startups, developers, and larger businesses within the tech industry. At the core of our network are our strong industry partnerships, which have been carefully chosen to enable us to provide an educational experience that is unique, in-demand, and industry-relevant.

We host regular industry masterclasses and run a partnership placement program that benefits both students and companies, by matching enthusiastic and engaged junior web developers with organisations that will encourage their emerging talents.


The EnTrain scholarship is available to Australian citizens and permanent residents enrolled in our Web Development Bootcamp at the Brisbane campus. Further information can be found on our scholarships page

You can learn more about our Web Dev Bootcamp by joining an info session, and our partnerships program by contacting our partnerships team


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