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17 December 2021Written by Emma Woodward
LinkedIn has released its list of the top startups in Australia for 2021, showcasing innovative companies that have met specific criteria and demonstrated remarkable growth. Among the featured startups are those with a Coder Academy connection, highlighting the diverse range of opportunities available to graduates.

LinkedIn has released its list of the top startups in Australia for 2021.

The companies had to meet certain criteria, including being privately held, headquartered in Australia, with at least 50 employees, and established within the last seven years.

The startups were ranked on factors such as jobseeker interest, employee growth, and attraction of top talent.

Amongst the 25 companies to make the cut, five were companies with a Coder Academy connection. Some of the companies have taken on students as interns, whilst others have employed Coder Academy alumni.

1. Linktree

Headquartered in Melbourne, Linktree is an exciting startup to watch.

If you’ve spent any time on social media, then there’s a good chance that you’ve benefited from Linktree’s services. The problem of having only one link in your social media profiles has been solved through social media reference landing pages such as Linktree’s, that allow users to turn that single link into branching connections to their content, websites, and other web presences.

LinkedIn notes that there is demand within the company for software engineers with skills in JavaScript, web development, HTML, and more.

2. Valiant Finance

Headquartered in Sydney, one of the initiatives that impressed LinkedIn with Valiant Finance’s performance over the past year was their dedication to keeping their workforce connected whilst working virtually. The business loan marketplace kept employees engaged with online initiatives aimed at making virtual collaboration easier.

3. Mr Yum

With over 260 days in lockdown, hospitality businesses in Melbourne did it tough during the pandemic, and many had to pivot to takeaway options to survive.

In just nine days, Mr Yum built and launched pick-up and delivery functionality for its platform to support local businesses so that they could continue trading. That’s a very impressive feat for the tech team at this startup.

Now, their mobile menus allow customers to order and pay when wining and dining in person at their favourite hospitality and entertainment venues.

4. Lexicon Digital

Melbourne’s Lexicon Digital has had success building web and mobile applications for high-profile brands, however, it’s their commitment to employee wellbeing that has seen them added to LinkedIn’s top startups list.

Some of the most commonly found skills within the company included agile methodologies, JavaScript and SQL.

5. Swyftx

Headquartered in Brisbane, Swyftx has grown swiftly from a staff of 11, to over 100 in the past financial year. With LinkedIn listing their most common skills as JavaScript, SQL, and software development, and the most common job titles as software engineer, senior software engineer, and customer support officer, this cryptocurrency exchange offers exciting opportunities for programmers in Queensland.

This list only goes to show the variety of businesses that you could end up working with as a Coder Academy graduate. From startups to high-profile companies, every industry and sector needs skilled ICT workers.

Coder Academy Connects Students to Industry Leaders

One thing we often hear from graduates is that their new data analysis, programming, or cyber security career, has allowed them to combine their interests in a job that they love. Whether you are a career changer who can bring their previous experience in a different sector to their new tech job, or just someone who loves to combine left-brain and right-brain thinking, the technology sector will most likely see you in a job where you use your new technical skills alongside other existing skills and passions.

By working with a range of companies of different sizes in different sectors, Coder Academy can provide students with valuable exposure to the industry they will be entering at the end of their coding course.

Throughout the course of our coding bootcamps, we facilitate industry excursions and events, as well as weekly visits from industry experts who present talks and run masterclasses with our students.

Finish Your Coding Course with an Industry Placement

Thanks to our involvement in industry, we also teach the skills demanded by industry, which means our graduates are highly sought-after for work placements and permanent positions.

At the end of their coding course, all graduates will have the opportunity to participate in a structured, one-month placement program. This could be at a startup like those listed above, at a development company, or a larger organisation. Students are carefully matched with placements, and many are hired straight out of their internship.

Whether an internship leads to employment or not, students will gain valuable experience, a network of contacts, and an introduction to industry. In a sector that changes so fast, it’s important to be immersed in industry trends and current techniques, and that’s exactly what Coder Academy students can expect.

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