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Meet Our Students: Diversity in Tech Scholarship Winners

15 September 2021Written by Emma Woodward
Meet the remarkable recipients of Coder Academy's Diversity in Tech Scholarships: Daisy Watt, Mujtaba Kazim, and Natasha Madondo. These individuals are challenging stereotypes and bringing unique perspectives to the tech industry. Discover their inspiring stories and learn how Coder Academy's coding bootcamps can help you embark on a transformative career journey. Attend an info session to explore the opportunities. Register today!

Coder Academy’s Full Stack Web Development Bootcamps give students nationally recognised qualifications in the form of a Diploma of IT, allowing them to transform their careers in as little as six months.

For each Standard and Accelerated intake, Coder Academy provides three Diversity in Tech Scholarships.

Coder Academy has always been committed to increasing diversity in the technology industries and has bolstered this commitment through industry partnerships and initiatives such as the Diversity in Tech Scholarship.

We’re very excited to announce the recipients of the latest round of scholarships for our Accelerated August intake. Each one brings a unique perspective to the tech industry, and we can’t wait to see what they will achieve as students and junior developers.

Daisy Watt

Daisy Watt may not be the first person to come to mind when you imagine a typical coder, and that’s exactly why we need her. An accomplished textile designer and educator, Daisy has always found ways to merge her work and her passions for the creative industries, knowledge and skills sharing, social justice, politics, and equality.

Now, Daisy is ready to bring that passion to the tech space.

“Women have been historically underrepresented in the workplace since before ‘the workplace’ existed. Earlier this year, in 2021, the Australian Government WGEA group released their latest report highlighting the gender pay gap,” Watt says.

“They recorded the total remuneration gap at 20.1%, which means men who work the same amount of time as women earn more than $25,000 a year more than women.”

“This scholarship would enable me to engage and contribute to an evolving industry and in return, help change those statistics.”

“I would be dishonest if I told you precisely what I will do to increase diversity in tech, as I’m not entirely sure exactly what it is yet that I will be doing in tech. What I can promise is my track record of supporting other women and GNC individuals, a strong drive for change, and a passion for learning and teaching. I would love to find a way to bring more women and creatives across and encourage more cross-disciplinary collaboration.”

Mujtaba Kazim

Mujtaba Kazim has always had a passion for computers and technology, and he is devoted to passing on skills and enthusiasm to future generations. A young leader within his community, Mujtaba is keen to implement programs that will break down barriers while empowering others.

“I love to learn about computers and spend a considerable amount of time researching, building, and learning about the latest and greatest computer components,” Kazim says.

“I am persistent to become as proficient as possible in programming to not only pursue a rewarding career but break the misconceptions and underappreciation of coding and bootcamps within the Iraqi and Middle Eastern community. I believe I would also prove that programming is not only for those who are highly proficient in maths or are geeky individuals or people already in the technology space, as I am also a barber, love playing soccer, and came from studying marketing.”

“Throughout my career, I will make it a point to stress the importance of differing opinions and insights.”

“I will to the best of my ability spread the value and power of programming and technology within my community to ensure that they pursue their dreams regardless of their communities’ biases… to advocate for diversity in technology within the youth or even other older members of the community.”

Natasha Madondo

Natasha Madondo spent her life before Coder Academy travelling to and living in different parts of the world. Add to this her experience working in multiple industries, and you have someone who truly understands the importance and value of diversity.

“As a person from a culturally diverse background… I have made it a point in life to learn and grow from different cultures and experiences,” Madondo says.

“I’ve lived and travelled to different countries, learnt multiple languages, and taken the time to listen to people to gain a more comprehensive understanding.”

“I want to bring a fresh perspective when creating programs that benefit the community and increase inclusivity. I want to be able to set an example, and encourage others to consider a career in tech. Most of all, I want to make a space for women of colour in the tech industry.”

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