Student Spotlight: Chinonso John Nkpolukwu, Coder Academy Melbourne

4 September 2021Written by Julia Lynch
Chinonso John Nkpolukwu, a student enrolled in Coder Academy's Melbourne Standard Web Development Bootcamp, shares his intense yet rewarding experience with the program. Discover his motivations for joining, overcoming misconceptions, and the valuable skills he gained along the way. Through collaborative projects and hackathons, he showcases his passion for web development and plans for the future. If you're considering a career change in web development, John's story will inspire you. Join our online info session to learn more about our coding bootcamps and explore exciting opportunities in the tech industry.

Our students are the heartbeat of our organisation. We love hearing each and every one of their stories from where they have come from to what inspired them to join a coding bootcamp. We recently caught up with Chinonso John Nkpolukwu, a Web Development Student currently enrolled in our Standard (10 months duration) Bootcamp at our Melbourne Campus.

“My experience with Coder Academy so far has been
intense, challenging but absolutely worthwhile.”

Coder: What bootcamp are you currently enrolled in?

John: Melbourne Standard Web Development Bootcamp

Coder: What was your motivation for doing this bootcamp?

John: I wanted a career in Web development and through my research, I discovered that a bootcamp would provide me with the quickest and most successful path into the tech industry.

Coder: Had you had any previous coding/web development experience before doing this bootcamp?

John: Studying IT, I did a unit in Java which exposed me to web development, from there I took a course on Udemy before applying for the bootcamp.

Coder: Tell us about any misconceptions/fears or barriers you had in regards to doing the bootcamp before you decided to do it!

John: A big misconception was that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the workload, especially because I was balancing work and studies. All the content is recorded and the instructors are extremely accommodating in making sure you’re keeping pace with the workload and are willing to provide extra support if needed.

Coder: When researching which education provider to go with – can you remember the deciding factor for choosing Coder Academy?

John: I was initially supposed to sign up with General Assembly, that was before I did my research and saw the excellent reviews online in various forums in regards to Coder Academy’s bootcamp. That was the deciding factor for me.

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Coder: If you’ve decided to change careers as a result of doing this bootcamp – what was your main reason for wanting to change?

John: Coming from an IT background I’ve always had an interest in web development but prior commitments and a lack of belief in myself at the time really hindered me from pursuing it.

My previous role as a data entry and admin officer allowed me the opportunity to work remotely, with this I was able to move from Sydney to Melbourne, freeing up more time to invest into learning to code and pursuing my dream career in web development.

Coder: Tell us about a project you completed while doing your course or something you’re super proud of that you achieved.

John: “You tell it how you feel and what you fancy and it makes you a perfect playlist to Vibe to!” – Vibe

I am super proud to have worked on this project (Vibe) with two other amazing developers (Ana Lastoviria and Rhys Morris). We created the app during a 48-hour hackathon and considering it being our first ever hackathon we did exceptionally well.

Collaboration, creativity and problem solving are key skills required as a web developer. Hackathons are a great way to practice and hone these skills.

Coder: What skills from your previous career or study have been invaluable during your course?

John: My previous job was 100% remote, so I was used to working unsupervised. This skill was extremely valuable during lockdown whilst we studied remotely.

Also coming from an IT background really provided a smoother transition into learning some of the concepts the course covers.

Coder: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

John: In five years time I see myself taken on a more senior role at my current workplace Megaphone Marketing. I also see myself entering the freelance space and creating a platform for myself.

Coder: Any study tips for anyone thinking about doing a coding bootcamp?

John: The best way to learn to code is to code. In addition to learning and taking notes, you want to be working on personal projects, applying what you’re learning to these projects.

Coder: Finally… we’d love to know…
Last song/music you listened to?

John: Chill Drive – Lofi hip hop mix.

Last Podcast you listened to?

John: The 85 South Comedy Show.

Last TV show you watched?

John: The Blacklist on Netflix.

Last social media site you visited?

John: Instagram.

Last thing that made you smile 😊?

John: My Youfoodz delivery.

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