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Why GenTech?

The future of work is changing. We think education must change with it. At Coder Academy, go beyond the theory and focus on hands-on, project-based, practical learning. Following the success of our intensive 6-month Fast Track coding bootcamp, GenTech is the flexible version that gets you the same results, qualification, and experience in 10 months. GenTech is aimed at the next generation of in-demand developers -- people fresh out of school, returning to the workforce, or taking the first step towards pursuing a fulfilling career in technology. Our devs in training will code every day using industry relevant languages and frameworks, collaborate with like-minded peers on impactful projects for real clients, and build a strong network with industry leaders. Outside of the classroom, we offer students the opportunity to take their skills to the next level through a guaranteed optional industry internship with some of Australia's top companies, plus fortnightly exposure to mentors. Ready to shape the future?

Next intake in Sydney & Brisbane: 17th October 2019

In Melbourne? Check out our collaboration with Code Like A Girl launching this October:


Diversity scholarship


At Coder Academy, we’re passionate about looking for ways we can encourage diversity in the tech sector. With so few women and other minority groups choosing Computer Science subjects and degrees, there is a strong need for confidence building via mentorship, role models, and an educational opportunity that translates into real world experience.

To combat the lack of diversity in the creation of the algorithms and technology that dictate many important aspects of our lives, Coder Academy is proud to offer one Diversity Scholarship for each intake of the GenTech Bootcamp. The scholarship will cover 50% of total course fees of $19,900. Scholarships will be judged on a creative submission, and finalists will be determined following an interview. Scholarship deadline is 14 days prior to course start date.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Scholarship applications for October 2019 are now closed


Code every day, master the future. Address the relevant skills and methodologies the technology industry not only needs today, but tomorrow too. Undertake a hands-on practical course that gets you to work on real life projects with like minded people and collaborate with respected industry experts on a daily basis so that you learn to move alongside technology, not behind it.


Learn to be relevant, stand out from the usual crowd. Collaborate daily with like minded peers and respected industry educators in technology on real life projects both inside and outside of the classroom. With purposefully small class sizes you will be able to build meaningful connections and open up pathways inside an ever-changing industry that is forever in-demand.


Evolve and connect, make an impact inside technology. Conquer your skills by putting them into practice through our unique apprenticeships with top tier technology businesses. We help you grow your network, develop meaningful connections and open up pathways across the technology industry through weekly mentor one-on-one sessions, regular onsite excursions at our partners’ offices, and our diversity scholarship programme to support those underrepresented in tech.

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The engineering discipline and level of proficiency in programming that Alex is at is above & beyond what we expect from an internship program – and now he’s officially part of our engineering team.

~ Shine Li, CTO @ EventHub

During their internship, the Coder Academy students got great insight into the way that our business works and the culture of our business. Coder Academy match us with interns that fit in with us, and align us with interns that actually have the right attributes that can actually connect well with our business.

~ Liam Ridgeway, Co-Founder @ NGNY

When it comes to actually coding, I would say a Coder Academy type course plus your own learning and experience is the best way to become a modern open source coder.

~ Scott Hyde, Director of Operations @ Event Hub

Coder Academy is very project-based and my peers who went through and studied coding at universities experienced a very different style of education, which is much more textbook driven and looking at older frameworks. At university, one of the problems (that doesn’t exist at Coder Academy) is that students don’t learn about how projects are run.

~ Chris Hexton, CEO + Co-Founder @ Vero

The way that we work with Coder Academy junior developers is we give them real world projects that we guide them through. As they’re working through the projects, we ensure that they’re on the right path and give them advice and guidance as they do them.

~ Garret Blankenship, Senior Technical Lead @ Leafcutter

Tanim and Farhan interned with us for a month at Code the Future. They were able to finish both of our two week sprints two days early! They worked independently and provided a heap of value towards our goals. Their knowledge and skills enabled us to grow as an organisation and they were a huge asset. Thank you Coder Academy! Highly recommended!

~ Jarod Guthrie, Developer @ Code the Future

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Program Overview

Term breakdown

Term 1

You will be introduced to web design with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap and design your own personal portfolio website. This term also brings you up to speed with the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming using Ruby and exposes you to a wide range of computer science topics.

Term 2

Dive into web application development with Ruby on Rails, one of the most popular technology stacks in the startup world. Learn the application design process using modern tools and create apps to add to your portfolio. Become proficient with database design, session management and payment systems.

Term 3

Now you’re ready to take on the challenge of JavaScript and the NodeJS and ReactJS frameworks. Developers with these skills are in high demand and attract generous salaries. Having two technology stacks under your belt will also increase the opportunities available to you. Start your career off right!

Optional Internship

Industry Placement/Cadetship


Nandini Nayak

Lead Educator

Nandini is the Lead Educator for the GenTech Bootcamp in Sydney. Prior to joining Coder Academy in August 2016, Nandini worked across programming, software design and development in the embedded domain at Bosch across Europe and India. A charismatic, passionate and engaging Embedded Software Engineer and Web App Developer, Nandini has been instrumental in STEM and has a keen interest in the intersection of tech and people.

Connect with Nandini on @nandininayak

Nandini Nayak
Janel Brandon

Janel Brandon

Lead Educator

Janel is a Lead Educator at Coder Academy in Brisbane. Prior to joining Coder Academy in June 2018, Janel worked as a software engineer for 20 years at IBM and SAP. She has been an active promoter of women in technology through her past leadership in Women in Tech organisations and engineering camps for girls.

Janel is passionate about empowering and enabling anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in technology to gain the skills and connections they need to succeed.

Connect with Janel on @janelbrandon12

How to enrol

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Apply online

Head onto our website to fill out the online application form.

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Prep for interview

An Admissions Officer will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an on-campus interview. A list of questions will be given to you 48 hours in advance.

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On-campus interview

The interview will last anywhere between 45 minutes - 1 hour.


Prepare your documents

  • Copy of birth certificate, passport, or proof of citizenship and photo ID
  • Year 12 completion certificate or equivalent
  • Tax File Number (for FEE-HELP application)
  • Portfolio (if applicable)

Letter of offer

A formal letter of offer will be sent to your nominated email address if you successfully pass the entry requirements and interview.

Envenlope being opened


Once the signed Offer Letter and course fee payment is confirmed, your spot will be reserved. You will receive pre-work to be completed before the course begins.


Orientation day

Bring your laptop and enjoy your first day!