Full Stack Web Development Coding Bootcamp

Our web development coding bootcamp is designed to suit different kinds of people; those who want to get it done quickly and can commit to intensive training over 6 months, or those who prefer to fit study in with other life commitments like work, family, animals or their TikTok obsession.

Same course, same delivery model, same quality – built to suit different lifestyles.

Plus – our coding bootcamp is the real deal. At the successful completion of your Web Development Bootcamp you’ll be awarded an Australian Higher Education Diploma of IT. This qualification is awarded through the Academy of Interactive Technology – the provider that powers Coder Academy.

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10 months

8 hrs per week = live classes

13 hrs per week = facilitated self study

Intake Dates

April 29, 2024

100% virtual delivery in our Cloud Campus
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What You Can Expect From Our Coding Bootcamp

Practical Skills Building

No prior industry knowledge required. Learn the technical skills that will take you from not knowing a single line of code to becoming a confident web developer in under 12 months.

  • Learn full stack web development knowledge & computer science fundamentals
  • Perform real coding challenges on complex projects
  • Understand database design and architecture
  • Develop a web application using JavaScript browser based technologies
  • Integrate third party applications (APIs)
  • Utilise cloud based deployment systems
  • Practise mobile technology application fundamentals
Employability Skills Building
Community Building

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How You'll Learn to Code

Coder Academy lives in the cloud, with all your classes, collaborations and tech challenges occurring virtually, via our Cloud Campus. This means you’ll learn to become a web developer online. We designed the course this way to mirror how tech professionals work (hoodies optional!) 

As you learn web development, you’ll spend your time working remotely, anywhere, anytime, in collaboration with an online community. If you prefer some IRL action, we operate Support Hubs in Australia’s three largest capital cities; Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

Learning and support will be experienced in three ways:

Live Online Classroom Experience
  • The coding bootcamp schedule is led by experienced educators with real-world industry knowledge
  • Every class is supported by a dedicated academic mentor giving you one-on-one tech support during your classes
Facilitated Self Study
Academic Support

Our Cloud Campus

All of your live classes and facilitated self study will take place online, in our Cloud Campus.

Cloud Campus Features
  • Simple, intuitive course content designed to help you navigate the learning platform
  • Videos & interactive activities
  • Access to discussion boards & Discord groups
  • Live team coding software
  • Assessment advice and information
  • Academic skills training
  • Online librarian assistance on how to use library resources, research for your assignments and craft academic assignments
  • Free access to any industry-grade software we provide 24/7
Cloud Campus Support
Health and Wellbeing Support

On Campus Support Hubs

YOU:Face-to-face human connection while I’m learning is still very important to me, I just prefer to learn that way. Sometimes I also just need a quiet place away from home to focus and concentrate. I love nutting out a problem on a whiteboard… (hands up all my visual learners).”

US: “We hear you. That’s why we operate three intimate Support Hubs (by appointment), where you can bring your laptop and work with an academic teacher. You can also use our Hubs to work with other peers and help each other through the day’s technical challenges, any day of the week, Monday to Friday (9am-5pm). (There is a secret knock but we’ll give you that once you enrol).”

You can find our Support Hubs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane CBDs. Appointment recommended.

Alex Holder (Coder Academy educator) teaching in the Sydney Study Hub

Alex Holder at Coder Academy’s Sydney support hub, answering coding questions.

Cloud Campus Virtual Tour

Hop on a recorded cloud campus tour with one of our enrolment advisors. They’ll show you around our online learning space and give you a glimpse into how our course content is structured. Experience a sneak peek into what it’s really like to join the community at Coder Academy.

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  • Term One
  • Term Two
  • Term Three

Course Content

Term One

The IT Professional

This subject will introduce you to the professional skills and qualities needed in order to be an effective pro in ICT. You will learn valuable professional techniques aimed at increasing your communication skills, interpersonal relationships and understanding of how IT professionals operate. The subject will also help you focus on yourself, and consider self-care and support techniques. You will learn to work collaboratively with peers and other stakeholders as a proactive contributor to a project team, forming a foundation upon which you can continue to develop your professional capabilities and engage in relevant activities to sustain growth as an IT professional.

Web Development

Principles of Programming

Term Two

Principles of Information Systems

As a student, this subject will give you the opportunity to explore the fascinating field of information systems (IS). You will delve into the theories and practical applications of IS, specifically focusing on how it provides effective business solutions. The subject will introduce you to the popular Python framework Flask, which is widely used in the development of IS. Additionally, you will gain insights into the various technologies that impact business operations and management, both existing and emerging. You will examine the relationships between businesses and external entities like customers, suppliers, and regulators, as well as the diverse range of products and services they offer. By developing problem-solving, interpersonal communication, and analytical skills, you will be equipped to design and develop information systems that meet the needs of clients.

Database Design and Development

Applied Computation

Term Three

Fundamental Programming

Learn the fundamental programming concepts and how to build programs. You will focus on the practical application of programming principles, such as utilising basic variables, constants, and functions to create small programs. You will develop a strong foundation that is essential for all programmers, and you will gain a deeper understanding of program structure, control flow, data manipulation, and problem-solving techniques. Through hands-on exercises and assignments, you will have the opportunity to practice and refine your programming abilities, ensuring you are well-equipped for future programming endeavours. This subject plays a pivotal role in solidifying the core programming concepts necessary for success in the field.

Principles of Software Engineering

Optional Work Placement - Show Us Your Skills

Course Superpowers

At the completion of this course:

  • You could work in the following roles:

    • Full Stack Web Developer
    • Backend Web Developer
    • Frontend Web Developer
    • Software Developer
    • Software Engineer
    • Software Architect
    • Product Manager
    • IT Consultant
    • Startup Founder
    • Digital Nomad
  • Confidently use coding tools & languages, including:

    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • React
    • Node/Express
    • Flask
    • HTML
    • CSS
  • Achieve mastery of sought-after employability skills, such as:

    • Adaptability
    • Collaboration
    • Communication
    • Critical thinking
    • Presentation
    • Leadership
    • Problem-solving
    • Project management
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Interview skills
    • Growth mindset

Our Educators

  • Alex Gilbey_
    Academic Director
    Alex Gilbey

    Years in industry: 18

    Years at Coder Academy: 4

    Industry Skills
    • Design
    • Education Design
    • Academic Management
    • Creative Passion
    • Pallet Carpentry
    • Coffee Making
    Favourite things
    • 🎵 90s Metal
    • 🍳 Fijian Chicken Curry
    • 📺 The Boondock Saints
    • 🎓 The Wheel of Time
    • 🎮 The Witcher
    • 🦹‍♂️ Geralt of Rivia
  • Alex Holder_
    Academic Teacher
    Alex Holder

    Years in industry: 8

    Years at Coder Academy: 8

    Industry Skills
    • Programming
    • Creative Passion
    • Web Development
    • Game Development
    • Cooking Pulled & Roast Meats
    • Coffee Making
    Favourite things
    • 📺 Black Sails
    • 🍳 Mangoes
    • 🎓 Pokemon
    • 🎮 Splatoon
    • 🎵 Video Game Soundtracks
    • 🦹‍♂️ Fjord Stone
  • George Zonnios_
    Academic Mentor
    George Zonnios

    Years in industry: 8

    Years at Coder Academy: 2

    Industry Skills
    • Programming
    • Creative Passion
    • Problem Solving
    • Learning and Memory
    • Coffee Making
    • Doing Animal Voices for Babies
    Favourite things
    • 🎮 Assassin Creed Black Flag
    • 🎵 Classical
    • 🎓 Learning and memory
    • 📺 Lord of the Rings
    • 🦹‍♂️ Batman
    • 🍳Coffee and pizza
  • Iryna Shymbor_
    Academic Teacher
    Iryna Shymbor

    Years in industry: 2

    Years at Coder Academy: 2

    Industry Skills
    • Programming
    • Creative Passion
    • Teaching & Explaining
    • Petting my Cat
    • Coffee Making
    Favourite things
    • 🎓 Discrete mathematics
    • 📺 Friends
    • 🎵 Low-Fi
    • 🎮 Minesweeper
    • 🍳 Plov (rice dish)
    • 🦹‍♂️ Jeeves
  • Jairo Bilbao_
    Course Coordinator
    Jairo Bilbao

    Years in industry: 15

    Years at Coder Academy: 4

    Industry Skills
    • Programming
    • Databases
    • Backend Development
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Lego
    Favourite things
    • 🎓 Food
    • 🍳 Gelato Messina
    • 📺 Jurassic Park
    • 🎮 NBA2K
    • 🎵 Spanish Punk
    • 🦹‍♂️ Ron Swanson
  • Luis Granada_
    Academic Teacher
    Luis Granada

    Years in industry: 2

    Years at Coder Academy: 2

    Industry Skills
    • Programming
    • Creative Passion
    • Backend Development
    • Database Design
    • Cooking Pad Thai
    • Coffee Making
    Favourite things
    • 💕 Cooking
    • 👍 Cycling
    • 📺 Daredevil
    • 🎮 Dofus 1.29
    • 🍳 Lasagna and beer
    • 🎵 Spanish Rock
  • Matt Etherington_
    Academic Teacher
    Matt Etherington

    Years in industry: 21

    Years at Coder Academy: 6

    Industry Skills
    • Programming
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Eating sweet food in record time
    • Teaching
    Favourite things
    • 🍳 Black Forest torte
    • 🎓 Philosophy
    • 🎮 Skyrim
    • 📺 X-files
    • 🦹‍♂️ Fox Mulder
  • Simon Dahal_
    Academic Teacher
    Simon Dahal

    Years in industry: 4

    Years at Coder Academy: 2

    Industry Skills
    • Programming
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Logic
    • Lying flat like a keyboard
    Favourite things
    • 🍳 Chocolate Ice Cream
    • 🎵 Classical Nepalese
    • 🎮 Fifa
    • 📺 Friends
    • 🎓 Weird animal facts
    • 🦹‍♂️ Ragnar Lothbrok
  • Callum Worrall_
    Callum Worrall

    Years in industry: 3

    Years at Coder Academy: 3

    Industry Skills
    • Design
    • Programming
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Fictional Lore Historian
    • People Skills
    • Critical Thinking
    Favourite things
    • 🎮 Anno 1800
    • 🍳 Lamb shanks + mash
    • 🎓 Nature & Science
    • 🎵 Rock & Metal & Electronic
    • 📺 What We Do In The Shadows
    • 🦹‍♂️ Matt Berry
  • Akash Chhetri_
    Akash Chhetri

    Years in industry: 5

    Years at Coder Academy: 2

    Industry Skills
    • Design
    • Programming
    • Camera
    • Creative Passion
    • Coffee Making
    • Cooking
    • Sports
    • Project Management
    Favourite things
    • 🎮 Fifa
    • 🎵 Folk
    • 🍳 Pizza & Beer
    • 🎓 Programming
    • 📺 Superhero Movies
    • 🦹‍♂️ Kung Fu Panda

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